June 1

THANKS to all who have been reading — and a special thanks to all who donated to Benjamin’s service dog.  We have finished the fundraising for his dog (hooray!), and we’re really grateful for all your help.  I’m leaving up the “donate” button for now on the top left in case you still want to donate to Angel Service Dogs, since they are a great organization and still need support.

Today Natalie posted her 31st “dog book” review at the sister blog to this one.  (She had a goal of reading and reviewing 30 dog books to raise money for Benjamin’s dog but one-upped herself!)  She’ll keep posting some things there, including — I think — some summaries/analysis of the dog books that she’s read.  But I want to say thanks to her for great work!

Benjamin completed riding the 30 mile version of the Ironman bike ride while pulling a dog-trailer.  He sought and received a number of sponsors for that ride and worked very hard himself.  He has done a number of other “odd jobs” and writing fund-raising letters to raise money, too, and is also finishing a successful year at school — and is now working on a bunch of thank-you notes! (keep it up, Benjamin! 😉  ) 

He plans to contribute some more posts to this blog as well over the next stretch of time, and we will generally keep the blog going to help others learn about life with a food allergy and life with a service dog. And maybe there will just be posts about life. 🙂

One week from tomorrow we’ll head to Colorado Springs to get Trac-E (Tracy), Benjamin’s new service dog.  We’re excited for the all the ways that she will help Benjamin.  In fact, we’re wishing she were around next week for his end-of-year school party.  The school team has been good to help trouble-shoot that, but it’s exactly the kind of place where things unexpectedly turn up.  We’re hoping the dog will make events like this a bit easier for Benjamin to manage…

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