How can I help?

We’re so happy that Benjamin has Tracy. He did a lot of fund-raising and had a lot of help from so many friends and family to being her home. Thanks!

How can you help now? Welcome Benjamin and other food-allergic individuals into your events and programs. Plan events that can include all people by making them food free. Advocate for people who have a medical condition or disability that is severe and life-threatening, but perhaps invisible to most observers. Be welcoming to individuals with service dogs.

You can also leave a comment on a post here to encourage Benjamin and his work with Tracy, or spread the word (and share a link to this site) so that others can read about what life is like for him.

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  1. Carol Durham Hanson

     /  April 16, 2012

    I am so happy you are getting a service dog for your allergy. I had no idea there are service dogs for this. I went to school with your dad all the way from elementary to college. Your grandpa even taught me Biology and was my favorite college professor. So, I’m thinking you are probably a pretty great kid and I am going to give you a donation. I hope Trac-e changes your life. Post lots of pictures of her when you get her!


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