Ironman Benjamin

This morning was the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride, and the weather didn’t look promising.  The hail and lightning woke me up at 2 AM and it was so strong I went to make sure there wasn’t a tornado warning.  Not a good sign. When I got up with my alarm before 5:30 it was still raining buckets … but the radar looked like it might — might! — be moving through even though it was supposed to keep raining until 1 PM.  So we waited an extra hour and half and didn’t get to the Lakeville, MN start until 8:20.  We had not a single shower of rain on the entire ride — just some light mist in the first couple of miles.  We’re really thankful for that!

We had a great ride today.  Benjamin did great pulling his Burley trailer and didn’t run anyone off the road 🙂  (although one other rider tried to pass on the wrong side, unannounced, as nearly caused a collision; good riding by Benjamin saved it!).  We took several rest stops, but the actual riding portion averaged nearly 10.5 miles an hour, which was pretty good pulling a trailer and having some real incline to climb at times.  He never walked the bike at all, even on a steep hill.  We had a great time and he persevered.  (He’s been catching up on other stuff today for the week, but will post himself soon about the experience.)

Thanks to all who have been supportive of him!  We’ll keep posting on the blog as we get closer to getting Trac-E, even though the ride is over now.

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