Helping Hands

My eight-year old cousin had a summer job. The job he chose was to walk dogs. On his flyer there was a spot that read, “All the money I get from walking your dog will go to my cousin who has a peanut and tree nut allergy. He is raising money for a service dog that smells nuts.” I thought it was really special that he would give me all his money that he got from walking people’s dogs all summer. He could have used it for himself and kept it, but instead he thought of me and wanted to give me the money or my service dog. When he gave it to me I almost started crying. In comparison to how much I finally need it was not a huge amount, but I could tell that he actually did not want to keep the money for himself. He wanted to give me the money so that I could have a service dog. That is why I think that it was just as good as giving me all the money that I need to buy the dog. He did not keep any for himself. He gave me all of the money he had earned. I don’t know if he is reading this or not, but I want to thank him anyway, because no one forced him to give me the money. It was all his own free will.  And it really matters that he gave his money to help me. Even small donations really make a big difference.

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