My Survival Strategies

I have survival strategies. Here is my list of the best ways to NOT have a reaction:

1.  I always do “the scan” when I walk into a room to make sure that everything is safe inside.

2.  Anytime I sit down to eat, I wipe down the table that I am going to sit at. I do the same thing on an airplane.

3.  Any time that I go to a party at someone else’s house, I eat before I go.

4.  I also keep an early bedtime and a clean house so that I keep my immune system healthy.

5.  I wear an epi-pen around my waist.

6.  I have emergency money in case I am with friends and they buy dinner at somewhere that is not safe. I can go and find a safe place for me to eat, or buy a coke.

7.  I am learning to cook from scratch.

8. I choose non peanutty sports. I swim, I bike, and I hike.

9. I read every label every time.

These strategies are important because they are ways for me to keep myself safe.

***These are all important, but the most important strategy is actually to learn to know that life is unfair, and say no to things that are not safe. Sometimes it is tempting to say, “Oh, it’s just once, and it’s only cross contaminated, it won’t hurt me.”  But the truth is, whatever it is, it will hurt me. With all of these strategies, I am prepared for whatever is thrown at me.

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  1. Jan

     /  April 22, 2012

    Dear Benjamin,
    Thank you for the great job you are doing to help others understand a complicated issue. You have taught me a lot about service dogs, particularly how expensive they are and how much they can help. I am pleased to help with Trac-E, and I hope she becomes a member of your family very soon.


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