Take me out to the ball game (or not)

I am so excited to get Trac-E. I am thinking of all of the ways she will make my life easier. I cannot wait to get her. I spoofed a song about my allergy as I got up and practiced one of my survival strategies. Cooking!!! I made homemade crepes for my family this morning. I spoofed “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” because I was thinking of a bag of Crackerjacks that I sold to a customer at the Troop 695 snack shack that my scout troop uses as a fundraiser. Here is the spoofed song. I hope that you enjoy it. 🙂

Take me out to the ball game.

Only if it’s nut free.

Don’t buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks

If you do I’ll never get back,

But I’ll root root root for the home team.

If they don’t win it’s a shame,

But it’s three, or two, even one nut I’m out of the old ball game!

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