The False Security

Peanut free tables seem like they make everything alright at school lunches, but they actually make lunch much harder for me in the past. It is easy for a school to struggle over making a peanut free table safe. “No nuts” at my peanut free table became “no cross contaminated foods.” Then the school said “no bagged lunches.” Soon, I was sitting alone with no one to sit with, watching all the other kids talk and have fun. Now, instead of a peanut free table, I use wet wipes and wipe down the table. Then I can regulate what food comes to the table, instead of the school doing it for me. This is also safer, because I can verify that the table has been wiped down. With a peanut free table, the lunch ladies try to wipe the table down for you, but I do not know if they could have used a cross contaminated sponge. I also know that it is clean, because the lunch ladies are busy and sometimes forget to wipe down the table. If it is only a peanut free table for your lunch out of several lunch periods, that could be problem. I have been much more successful without a peanut free table.

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