An Uncertain Forecast

Last year’s Ironman Bike Ride was tough. Benjamin and I had ridden over 50 miles in Fall 2010, so we had trained ahead of time and were planning to ride the 30 mile version on May 1, 2011.  (The MN Ironman has distances of 100, 68, 30, and 17 miles.)

On the morning of the race, though, it was 34 degrees when we arrived in Lakeville. We were pretty cold to start, but thought we’d be OK – until we hit that uphill stretch, into about a 25 mile wind.  Ugh. By that point it was sleeting as well and later, by the time we made it back to the parking lot, the temperature had dropped to 32. When we reached the fork in the road on the course, we bailed out (it was really my suggestion more than Benjamin’s) and “only” went 17 miles.  We didn’t feel as bad – and got a good laugh – when we overheard someone at the rest stop staying that they had planned to do the 100 miler, then that morning it was cold so they decided on 68, and then once they started the decided on 30, and then they turned off to do 17 because they were so cold and windblown.  We didn’t feel so bad. 🙂

Right now the forecast for this Sunday morning’s ride keeps shifting and seems uncertain. At first it looked perfect and clear, but now there’s a 50% chance of rain with and a morning start of high 40s and a high for the day of 58.

Benjamin has practiced riding with his Burley trailer with me. (And we only almost crashed into each other once(!), since he’s a lot “longer” than before on his bike.)  And there was one day that we were going to take a long ride, but it was 45 degrees and solid rain so we opted not to.  We know that’s not a choice on May 6.

Benjamin and our family are accustomed to an unpredictable and uncertain forecast with his allergy – and when “skies are clear” we are grateful. Here’s hoping for clear skies for our ride, just as we hope for them for managing his allergy.  But we know we aren’t guaranteed clear skies anywhere – and we’ll ride anyway.

(If you haven’t sponsored Benjamin’s ride yet and would like to do so, here’s his flyer – and there’s a donate button in the sidebar. And if you haven’t seen his sister’s efforts to help, check out her book reviews of dog books at 30dogbookblog.  Thanks a ton to all who are supporting us – and to you for reading!)

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