Training day and reflections on last year’s Iron Man

I am going to ride the Iron Man bike ride. I will go thirty miles. I would like you to sponsor me on the ride by mile. Today I went out on a training ride by Lake Riley. I hate hills (which there were lots of)! We only went eleven miles this time though. Last year, I went on the Iron Man also. I was going to go thirty miles, but ended up going seventeen instead. The Iron Man rusted (ha ha)! In my defense, it was 32 degrees and blowing twenty-five miles per hour with gusts up to thirty and sleeting. In my own words, “I never thought that I would have to stand up to pedal downhill!” This year I will be a titanium man so I will not rust. I am going thirty miles with a dog trailer behind me. I will have to train with the trailer. I am kind of worried about it. I will have to brake much earlier. The website also said it would be harder to balance. I can handle that, but I am kind of worried about hills. It is just extra weight to pull up. It will help push me down, but I do not want to go too fast! I would not be able to stop at the bottom. The website said that sometimes you would go so fast that you have to pulse your brakes. Gulp! Anything for Trac-E though!!!

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