The End Times

I had situations even today where the dog would have helped me. For example, in science class, we did a hand-shaking activity as a lab to show how diseases spread. It was certainly fun, but it could have been a problem for my allergy because of a possible residue reaction — even though it is probably not going to be a problem often. In church yesterday, we talked about the End Times. When we were in small groups, my mom asked how often I thought about the End Times. I said that I think about the End Times all the time because with my allergy, it could be at any given time for me. I have to constantly think about it. Every time I take a bite, I wonder: Is this the bite that will kill me?  Because it literally could. I also have to worry about surfaces. I know that if I touch something and then touch my face or mouth or even rub my eye, I could have a reaction. The dog smells peanut and tree nut residue, so it will be able to help with that worry. It might help with food, but probably not. I will have to still be extra careful because the reactions from food tend to be a lot more severe. I will have to keep reading labels, calling companies, and making my own home-made food (like the good looking home-made bread that is going in the oven 🙂 ). I will blog a lot more about these things later.

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