How a service dog will help

In June, I will go to Colorado to pick up a black Labradoodle dog named Trac-E (Tracy).  Trac-E can sniff out peanuts and tree-nuts, and even sniff out nut residue and alert me where it is. This dog will help me not to be afraid to touch a doorknob, walk into a room with trash on floor, or eat in a school cafeteria. It will help me stay safe at school by pointing out nuts that might be hidden in my classroom. The dog will help me know if my tent is nut-free at scout camp, or if I need to clean a surface somewhere before I eat. The dog will go everywhere I go and help me make good decisions about staying safe. The dog will also carry my medicine and emergency information in case I have a reaction.  The dog will help me be more independent. She is not a pet! She is a service dog.  I will go to classes for two weeks to learn how to use the dog and to become certified to use her.

I need help fundraising for this dog because it costs twenty-thousand dollars. Would you help? You can make a tax-deductible donation to Angel Service Dogs if you are able. Thank you for considering helping me.

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